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J2MEdit is a powerful and easy-to-use source code editor and syntax highlighter for Java J2ME mobile devices. J2MEdit allows you to create, edit, store, share, and compile source code in various programming languages including JavaC/C++PHP, and HTML. Standard text documents can also be created allowing you to easily compose notes, lists, and word wrapped documents. J2MEdit gives you the option to store files either locally or over the internet and even share files with others. 

Key Features:
  • Create source code files in Java, C/C++, PHP, and HTML
  • Store files locally or over the internet
  • Compile Java and C/C++ source code directly from your mobile device
  • Create notes, memos, and word wrapped documents
  • Editing features such as copy, paste, find/replace, undo, and more...
  • Send files to anyone via Email
  • Load files to your mobile from the internet
  • Assign any key on your device to do exactly what you want
  • Advanced data compression allows for small and fast data transfers
  • Collaborate with others with the option to share the same files with multiple users
  • Personalize your interface from fonts and text color to screen size and background color

and more... 

J2MEdit is the ideal mobile tool for software programmers, writers, and students. It provides you with the flexibility to truly work from anywhere without the inconveniences of carrying around a clunky laptop. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist with the need to take your documents with you, J2MEdit gives you the ability to get the job done quickly and easily. Visit the download section to try J2MEdit for FREE.